Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Some years ago, a German Philosopher performed a case study on flies. He placed a specified number of flies into a clear container. After placing them in that clear container, he covered it with a plastic lid. After doing this, the flies attempted to get out of the container. While trying to leave the container, the flies continued to bump their heads against the lid. After seeing this transpire, this researcher kept the lid on for an hour. After the hour had expired he took the lid off. Because they had spent so much time bumping their heads, they no longer went that high inside the container. They no longer tried to leave because they became accustomed to their circumstance. Another fly was released inside the room after the hour was up. This fly flew around the room, checked out the scene, entered and exited the container to continue his meandering journey. The researcher’s conclusion was that because they saw something else come in and out of the vessel, they used it as a green light that they could also leave and fly around the room. They had the capabilities of moving as high as 36 feet in the air but because of their bad experience bumping their heads, they limited themselves to 8 inches.

The enemy’s goal is to frustrate you because of past experiences. You might not feel like you have been trying to get out of the container for an hour, but you felt like you spent all of 2011 in that container; a full 365 days. God's word for you in this time is that what the enemy intended to frustrate, forestall and forsake you, God used to ferment you. Fermentation occurs when the juices of a grape have been left in a sealed container for a time. Later, it becomes what we know as wine. The longer wine spends inside of a container, the better it will taste to whoever consumes it. His word says that "your gift will make way for you before great men." This is the place where God will serve you before great men. God will use your process for your promotion. He takes what the enemy intended for evil and for your destruction and He will turn it around for your good. You felt like you couldn’t go as high as you know you have been built to go. But the bible tells us that “His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.” That “eyes have not seen. Ears have not heard. Nor has it entered the heart of man, the things that He has prepared for them that love Him and are called according to His purpose”(1 Cor 2:9).
He is telling you that this year, "Its time to leave the container." Its time to leave what you thought was a comfort zone and enter the land that He has promised you. Leave the prison and enter the palace. Leave the resentment and enter His rest. Leave the dungeon and enter His dominion. The fermenting process has prepared you for the blessing you will experience in 2012. God is telling you that it is time to get out, get going and enter a year full of Fulfillment, Reign and Dominion! NO MORE LIMITS! 


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