Monday, January 7, 2013

A Champion Sound

First of all, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! May this year be full of the fulfillment and the manifestation of every word that has been declared over your life! I thought I should write something to get you going with a fresh perspective for this year.

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with a young man where I asked him how he was doing and tried to get to know him better. The young man told me, “Aww, well, I’m doing as good as can be expected.” The statement didn’t shock me as much as the timing. I had asked him this after we heard a powerful word preached that truly touched my life. I thought everyone in the room had captured the heart of God that day, but it turns out it didn’t quite work that way.

This scenario proved to me that you can have information come in through your ears and yet not hear a word that was spoken. Change doesn’t happen when you shout during the message, it’s how your words correspond to what you've heard. This will dictate if you really believe it or not or if you were distracted by other things that had nothing to do with the message. Luke reminds us in his writings that “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” This means that your reaction during the message isn't the evidence that you heard it and captured God’s word for your life; although shouting, to me at least, sends a signal to your spirit and tells it, “I agree with that." Your shout will re-affirm your faith and remind you that it will eventually turn around in your favor. All you have to do is listen to yourself and the confession that comes out of your mouth to confirm if you've grasped the word, captured it and sowed it into your heart.

There is a big misconception in the church. People think that the enemy comes against the words that you hear every Sunday, the encouraging words that you read on Twitter or Facebook, and what you have read in the Bible. He doesn’t. What the enemy will come against is the word that you actually capture and sow in your heart. Why? Because now that you’ve sown it in your heart, you will talk about the seed that was sown and how you are waiting for a harvest. This is the reason why you don’t share your dreams, visions and prophetic destiny with just anybody. Some people have been assigned to your life to make you think you’re crazy, that it can’t be done, steal the seed (Luke 22:31) and then leave you lonely and depressed with no hope in sight.

This is the place where a 'Champion Sound' comes into play. A Champion is who you are and a sound is what you project. If in fact you are a Champion, then your sound should correlate with that position. Specifically, your word selection should change from what you currently see, to what you are believing to see. Think about it like a plane. Way before you see the plane, you should hear the it coming. It should work the same way with you. Way before you physically see the manifestation of what you are believing for, people should be able to hear it coming from your mouth. Champions don’t just live above the standard, they speak above the standard. They understand that if God has caused a change in your life, your words are going to steadily align themselves with that kind of living. The same DNA that made you a winner also produces a sound in you to declare blessing in the midst of a generational curse, abundance in the midst of a famine, rain in drought, and a prophetic word of open doors when everything has been closed. This is what I call, “A Champion Sound.”