Friday, March 2, 2012

Waiting on Superman

Last week I had a conversation with a young lady about finding a mate; a kingdom connection to be specific. Someone who you no longer waste your time with, but you consider it to be an investment for your future. Remember, the one who waits is the one who wins. So I asked her, “What type of guy are you waiting on?” She responds, “I’m waiting on Superman.”
After this I began to think on what a “Superman-type” of guy would look like. I began to think about the glasses, the suit, the cape and even the flying part (which was pretty cool). But then it hit me. If you are looking for a Superman, make sure you know what power he carries. Clark Kent was always Superman, but he always needed to go into a phone booth to change into Superman. In other words, without the phone booth, he would just be known as Clark Kent from the Daily Planet. When a man enters your life, make sure you meet Superman before you meet Clark Kent. Make sure you know and ask him about his purpose and calling before you find out what he isn’t. Because by the time you’ve figured out who they really are, they’ve promised you the moon and you’re wearing the ring. Tell him that you are attracted to purpose and destiny and everything else is secondary.
In this world we have two types of men: The first type of man is the one that needs the phone booth (people) to verify and validate who he is called to be. The second is the man who doesn’t need a phone booth because he understands that he has been called by the will of God, and not by the will of men. This is the man that understands that by the grace of God, he is enabled to do what others said he couldn’t do. This is the man that doesn’t tear through walls with heat vision coming from his eyes. He tears through walls with the declaration that comes from his mouth. He doesn’t wait for the enemy to show up to become the man he was purposed to be. He is the man who at all times embodies purpose and wears the garments of praise. He occupies the office of his gift and isn’t moved by emotion or circumstance. He is captivated by true character and a woman that doesn’t need shoes, an outfit or a job to define her. He doesn’t measure the weight of her shortcomings, but he has carefully calculated the weight of the words that come from her mouth. She walks knowing that she is God’s daughter and He doesn’t give anything less than the best to His children.
Which are you looking for?